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Slack is down and we are all alone

Slack is down and we are all alone


This is either a disaster or the most productive day in American history

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Slack, the wildly-popular chat system that's replacing email in newsrooms and companies around the world, is down. I have doubts about the comma usage in that sentence but I have no one to discuss it with; without Slack all men are truly islands, or at least small dinghies being relentlessly battered into pieces by the endless troll-army that is Modern Twitter.

There is a think piece here about the nature of internet infrastructure and the inherent stupidity of everyone picking the same small vendor for their enterprise communication tools, but look, let's just take this moment to look up and maybe tell another human a joke that doesn't involve a sarcastic hashtag or having a chatbot fetch an image macro of your product manager looking unhappy about feature requests.

Kill it, Lauren. Slash it.