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Bill Murray is creating a musical Christmas special with the director of 'Lost in Translation'

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Bill Murray plans to sing various holiday carols as part of a new Christmas special that is almost certainly bound to become a modern classic. The special will be directed by Sofia Coppola, who also directed Murray in Lost in Translation. Murray and Coppola revealed their plans to Variety, saying that they aren't sure when it'll air or exactly what it'll look like. "My motivation is to hear him singing my song requests," Coppola says.

"It will be nice."

Murray says that the television special won't be broadcast live. "We’re going to do it like a little movie," Murray tells Variety. "It won’t have a format, but it’s going to have music. It will have texture. It will have threads through it that are writing. There will be prose." He adds, "It will be nice."

In other words, we have no idea what this project is going to look like and it's not clear how much Murray and Coppola do either. But we do know that when you put Murray and Coppola together you get some pretty amazing things, so we'll be very interested to see what exactly comes out of this.