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These photos were taken with a Galaxy Note 4

In today's our Galaxy Note 4 review, David Pierce had very kind words to say for its 16-megapixel camera, which also shoots 4K video, time-lapse video, and slow-motion:

"Everything the Note 4 shoots looks great, too. Photos are crisp and clean and accurate; the Note 4’s dynamic range doesn’t quite match the iPhone 6’s, but I rarely took a shot I didn’t like. Built-in optical image stabilization makes shooting easier in low light, too. The Note’s autofocus can be a touch unreliable, but the high-res display makes for such a crisp viewfinder that I always noticed and corrected the problem before missing the shot. All things considered, the Note 4 is easily among the best Android cameras I’ve used. It’s not leaps and bounds beyond its competitors, but it’s an excellent, reliable camera."Take a look for yourself. Also pumpkins.

Read our Galaxy Note 4 review here


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