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'Breaking Bad' now has something amazing in common with 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas'

You'll be able to own these limited edition Blu-ray sets in February

Source The Guardian and Pissed Off Geek

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Being a fan of Breaking Bad is starting to get expensive. With the critically acclaimed series now wrapped, Sony Pictures Entertainment and just about everyone else involved in producing the show are very eager to have Breaking Bad's biggest fans double dip and purchase it on physical media more than once. All six seasons are available for individual purchase, and of course there's also the complete series. Pretty soon, you'll be able to store Breaking Bad inside a replica money barrel. But if you don't need all the extras and bonus content in that set, it may be best to wait until next year.

Vince Gilligan has teamed up with artist Ralph Steadman to create six limited edition Blu-ray cases. Steadman is undoubtedly best known for his collaborations with author Hunter S. Thompson; he illustrated Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And the work he's done for Gilligan is equally fantastic. Steadman's has managed to perfectly capture six of the show's biggest characters, all the while staying true to his instantly recognizable style. We'd argue that Skyler probably deserved the caricature treatment more so than Mike, but it seems Steadman wanted to focus on Heisenberg's immediate circle of friends and foes. Vince Gilligan was thrilled that Steadman agreed to lend his talents, telling Pissed Off Geek, "Ralph is the Walter White of artists: He’s a dark genius whose output is disturbing, yet habit-forming. I am thrilled by his arrestingly bleak, visceral imaginings of our Breaking Bad characters.” All six will be released as steelbooks on February 2nd — but only in the UK as of now. If you want Steadman's brilliant illustrations, you'll likely need to import these Blu-ray sets.

Season 1: Walter White, Season 2: Jesse Pinkman


Season 1: Walter White, Season 2: Jesse Pinkman
"I watched the Breaking Bad whole series in two weeks and now suffer withdrawal symptoms," Steadman recently told Pissed Off Geek.