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The new 'Jurassic World' poster has a great tagline, but its art can't compare to classic posters

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The Jurassic World poster has nothing on John Alvin's Jurassic Park poster

Below is the teaser poster for Jurassic World, the first new film in the franchise since Jurassic Park 3 in 2001. The poster looks like the original Jurassic Park poster if it had been dragged through a military first-person shooter. All the color has been removed, and in its place is rock and dust. This is not the most exciting poster, especially when compared to the Jurassic World Comic-Con poster, featuring a raptor and an Easter egg basket's worth of hints about the movie's plot.

The new poster's tagline, however, is on point: "The park is open." You see, the park is open, because we are returning to Jurassic Park. But also, the park is open in the literal sense, because someone seems to have left the gate open and now the world is full of dinosaurs — remember that rumored test footage?

This poster is fine and inoffensive. It does it's job, communicating that, yes, Jurassic Park is returning in the most blunt and clear way imaginable. But I still pine for something bolder and more artistic. John Alvin did a poster for the original Jurassic Park that captures the mystery, energy, and scope better than any other poster in the franchise.

Here's an excerpt from Andrew Webster's piece on Alvin:

"Somehow, John was able to capture the emotion of an entire movie in a single image," says Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who worked with Alvin to help make Disney films like Beauty and the Beast appeal to adults as well as children. "He loved finding that one image that evoked the element of the movie that would draw the viewer in and make them want to see the film," adds Andrea Alvin, his wife and design partner. That includes everything from the iconic touching fingers from the poster for E.T. to a hand rubbing a magic lamp in Aladdin.

Alvin's posters don't just capture the magic of a movie; they capture the magic of the movies, the experience of going to a theater with hundreds of people to see something larger than life. For a film like Jurrasic World, larger than life is what I expect.

The new Jurassic World poster:

Jurassic World

The Jurassic World Comic-Con poster:

Jurassic World

John Alvin's Jurassic Park poster:

Jurassic Park

John Alvin's The Goonies poster:

The Goonies