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Virgin America made a nearly six-hour-long commercial about being bored on an airplane

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In case you ever want to relive the grueling boredom that encompasses you on a long flight, Virgin America has produced a nearly six-hour-long commercial about how unbearably dull the average plane ride is. The video shows passengers on a flight across the United States, playing out its events in real time. In this case, the passengers are mannequins that almost look like they've come out of They Live, with totally stupefied and half-dead looks across their faces.

Oddly enough, Adweek reports that the video is meant to run as an online pre-roll, with the assumption that viewers will probably skip over it to go watch their video. But it's actually kind of wonderful to jump around the ad and watch its incredible dullness for a while. There's a great part about four-and-a-half hours in where the one mannequin is playing with its tray table. Naturally, the idea is that if you fly Virgin, you'll have something better to do.