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Apple has sold 225 million iPads since it launched, 'almost half' of iOS users have upgraded to iOS 8

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CEO Tim Cook says Apple also had the best first month of iPhone sales 'by a lot'

Apple is kicking off today's iPad event with the usual numbers showing the health of Apple's platforms and ecosystems that typically kick off Apple's presentations. Today, Craig Federighi has just announced that 48 percent of iOS users have upgraded to iOS 8 since it launched last month. That's down significantly from last year, when CEO Tim Cook said that about 64 percent of iOS users had upgraded to iOS 7 after a similarly short window. The launch of iOS 8 was plagued by a few pretty severe bugs, and last week some data showed that iOS 8 adoption was indeed lagging behind previous years.

Trying to spin things in a more positive fashion, Federighi noted that 94 percent of iOS users were on either iOS 7 or iOS 8, comparing that to 79 percent of Android users running either KitKat or Jelly Bean. He also compared the 48 percent of iOS users running iOS 8 after 26 days to the 25 percent of Android users running KitKat after 313 days as a way of propping up Apple's relative lack of fragmentation.

Cook also had some details on iPad sales ahead of the announcement of new iPad hardware — he said Apple has sold 225 million iPads since it launched up from the 170 million the company had sold as of one year ago. As for the app situation, Cook said that there are now 675,000 iPad-specific apps available for the platform, up from 475,000 last year.

Tim Cook also noted at the top of his presentation that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus gave Apple a new "high water mark" for most orders taken in 30 days, "by a lot, a whole lot." However, we didn't get any new sales figures — those should come next week when Apple reports its quarterly financial results.

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