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'Basket Ballmer' is the latest baller Businessweek cover

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Bloomberg Businessweek

A glum Steve Ballmer may have binged on ‘The Good Wife’ after stepping down as Microsoft CEO in February, but he bounced back to form as the new owner of the LA Clippers in August with his super excitable personality. Bloomberg Businessweek has profiled Ballmer’s new life with the Clippers, and his passion for basketball. It’s an intriguing look at Ballmer’s days after Microsoft, and his plan to place technology at the forefront of rebranding the Clippers. Rebranding won’t likely include any Clippy associations, but iPads are already out in favor of Windows-based tablets.

Ballmer businessweek cover non-GIF
Steve Ballmer Bloomberg Businessweek GIF

The real star of Businessweek’s interview with Ballmer is "Basket Ballmer," the latest cover for the weekly business magazine. It features Ballmer, who agreed to wear the Clippers' jersey for the photo, dressed up as a basketball player, and Businessweek has even created an animated GIF complete with beads of sweat, the kind you’d find in the infamous developers, developers, developers video. Businessweek has previously featured Ballmer as "no more Mr. Monkey Boy" on its cover, and the latest is a perfect fit for the former Microsoft CEO. It's also the latest in a series of impressive covers from Bloomberg Businessweek. The magazine captured Tim Cook’s Apple recently, with a subtle jab at the company’s new visual style with a colorful and bizarre font splashed across the front page. Businessweek has also tackled hedge funds, the euro crisis, and Japan’s Fukushima nuclear crisis, all with a decent amount of snark.

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