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Watch Apple 'triple down' on secrecy with Stephen Colbert

Watch Apple 'triple down' on secrecy with Stephen Colbert


Apple's new "chief of secrecy"

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Apple's poked fun at itself before, including the lengths it goes to keep things from leaking. Now it's done it again in the name of promoting one of its own products. Having a bit of fun at its own secrecy (and the fact that it leaked its two new iPads yesterday), Apple's software chief Craig Federighi demoed how you could use its iCloud service to pull up a presentation in the fear of it landing on somewhere like made-up Apple rumors site "Infinite Scoop."

To show off how this could be avoided, Federighi pulled up a presentation made with its Keynote software, showing Apple employees in tinfoil hats, and suggesting that the company was "tripling down" on its own security efforts. That wasn't enough though. Federighi rang up comedian Stephen Colbert, who is now the company's self-appointed "Supreme Commander" of secrecy to make adjustments to the presentation. "Get back to work," says Colbert. "Do you know what I see when I look at my wrist? MY WRIST. Where's the watch? Chop chop. I'm jonesing for some jewelry, Craig."