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HP is killing all remaining Palm webOS devices on January 15th

HP is killing all remaining Palm webOS devices on January 15th


Goodnight, sweet Pre

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There's no reasonable explanation for why anyone would still be actively using a Palm Pre or Pixi in 2014. Maybe you could make a case for the TouchPad, but if you're using any of these things, know that the end of HP's support for webOS is closing in. The company has announced that on January 15th, 2015, it will shut down all cloud services related to webOS that power the operating system across Palm's hardware. No, HP isn't flipping a kill switch on your obsolete hardware, but this move will eventually have the same end result. Once the shut down occurs, you'll basically have to pray that nothing goes wrong with your Palm device. Ever again.

HP says users will no longer be able to download apps or updates once cloud services are killed. The HP App Catalog is dying. Nor will you have the option of restoring a device backup or erasing it and starting over. If you need to reset your hardware for any reason, take care of that sometime in the next couple months. And whatever you do, don't forget or lose your password. You'll be totally out of luck once HP pulls the plug and the password will be unretrievable — so maybe write it down somewhere, or in three places. The end is coming, everyone. The writing's been on the wall for years now. So while some sadness is inevitable — the story of Palm's downfall is still crushing — no one should be surprised.