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A 'Twin Peaks' novel will fill fans in on the show's 25-year time gap

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“The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks” will be released ahead of the show's revival

There were immediately questions when, earlier this month, it was announced that a "Twin Peaks" miniseries is coming to Showtime. Namely, what had the characters been doing for the past quarter-century? How had the iconic mystery affected the town? Had Dale Cooper's caffeine problem spun out of control?

We'll be getting some answers before the new series airs in 2016. A novel, from "Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost, is coming next year, and promises to catch us up on what "happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago," according to a statement form the book's publisher, Flatiron Books. The story will also delve deeper into the central mystery of the series, the death of Laura Palmer.

As the new "Twin Peaks" will pick up in the present day, there will certainly be other fertile ground for the book to explore, such as Log Lady's reactions to Nirvana's In Utero.