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Twitpic changes course yet again, will now be shutting down on October 25th

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Twitpic, one of the first Twitter image-sharing services, continues to toy with our emotions. A few months ago, the service said it would be shutting down at the end of September, then it said it was granted a new lease on life just a few days before it was set to go up in smoke.

Now, Twitpic is changing course, yet again. According to an update to its blog, the service will cease to exist as of October 25th. Despite the fact that the Twitpic felt confident enough that it found a new home to retract its first shutdown alert, the company now says that it couldn't come to "agreeable terms" with its new partner. At least the company admits the situation is a bit ridiculous, saying it is "embarrassed" for the circumstances.

Of course, Twitter's heavy focus on images over the last year or so has made the service essentially unnecessary — and Twitter even went so far as to tell the service it needed to shut down to avoid infringing on Twitter's trademark. Those who were still using Twitpic until the bitter end can export their data here.