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Microsoft’s Xbox One preview program turns into a game

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Microsoft’s Xbox One preview program has been delivering the latest updates to console owners since February in exchange for feedback before a release rolls out to every console. The preview program is now turning into a game. If you participate in quests, surveys, quick polls, or ratings then you’ll accumulate points for every piece of feedback. Just like a game like Destiny, you’ll be able to level up with points, and Microsoft is promising some "exciting perks" for preview members as they reach higher levels.

There are 50 levels in total, with a number of preview pics to unlock along the way. Xbox Live achievements won’t be rewarded as part of the levelling up process, but Microsoft isn’t ruling that out as a possibility in the future. If you’re not part of the Xbox One preview then you’ll need to find a friend to invite you to join in the game as Microsoft doesn’t accept sign ups yet.