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Flickr's iPad app is exactly what you'd expect – and that's a good thing

Flickr's iPad app is exactly what you'd expect – and that's a good thing

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Flickr finally has an iPad app — just four and a half years after Apple's tablet first hit store shelves. Fortunately, Flickr fans should be happy with the results. The new app takes cues from Yahoo's revamped Weather, Finance, and Mail apps, which means lots of big, pretty photos, transparent menus, and skinny, sans serif fonts. That means it's an attractive app, and it turns out it's good at doing its job, too.

High-resolution photos are front and center, and they sure look good on those Retina display iPads. If you're a Flickr user, everything you'd expect is here. You can comment, fave, and share photos. In addition, you can view the detailed information pages for photos to geek out on the camera settings used to take that killer shot. There's also quite a few options for managing your photos and albums, as well as tools to update your profile information — usually other apps force you to visit the website to change those settings.


The app also includes a built-in camera interface, though you're probably better off using a different app (or better yet, your phone) to take a picture. If you do take a picture inside the app, you can use a minimal but well-designed set of tools to tweak your results. There's also a set of filters available if that's more your style. (Puzzlingly, you cannot use these tools when you import a photo to your collection.) The app's rounded out with an auto upload feature that will let you back up all of your pictures to Flickr's 1TB of free storage space, and, new for iOS 8, you can now directly upload photos from other apps using the "share" button.

In all, it's a great app — it's just too bad it took so long to get here.