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Google redesigns Newsstand for Material Design

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Google's magazine and online news reading app is getting a makeover. After introducing Play Newsstand last November, Google is today giving the app a surface-level redesign that'll make it fall in line with the next big version of Android. Rather than using one stark accent color, the updated Newsstand places a heavier reliance on big images and color overlays, making it comply with Google's new Material Design style — which we'll be seeing in full force very soon.

Newsstand allows readers to browse through stories on various websites and to download and read through magazines. The other big update to Newsstand today is meant to make the latter of those much easier. Until now, Newsstand's digital magazines displayed just like a normal magazine would, and that meant you'd have to zoom in and pan around in order to read them. That could be something of a hassle on mobile, so Google is introducing a new view that will let you read through a magazine article by article. It's a simple addition, but it should make the app much more appealing as a way to read.