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Deezer has the weirdest business plan for streaming music in the US

Deezer has the weirdest business plan for streaming music in the US


You have to buy a Bose speaker if you want to stream Deezer

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Deezer is one of the bigger streaming music services out there, but it's virtually unheard of inside the US since it hasn't really launched here yet. Last month, Deezer finally started moving into the US through a deal with Sonos, and it's now moving further in that direction through a partnership with Bose. Starting today, anyone who buys or owns one of Bose's SoundTouch or SoundLink portable speakers will be able to sign up for Deezer's streaming music service, which includes playback to the desktop and mobile devices. That's the first time that Deezer's traditional streaming service — the one that competes with Spotify — has been made available in the US: its Sonos service, which also requires purchase of a speaker, only streams high-fidelity music for audiophiles.

So, for some reason, Deezer is now available in the US but only if you own speakers from specific companies. Bose owners will be able to subscribe to its traditional service for $4.99 per month, which is half off what the service normally costs. It's not stated how long Bose will be the only way that you can get access to Deezer's regular service, but the half-off promotion ends in early March. It's possible that Deezer is just trying to take it slow and use partnerships to ease the difficulty of moving into a new country, particularly given that it'll be facing an uphill battle against Spotify, which is widely known and loved. The two Bose speakers will also begin shipping with the ability to stream Deezer right out of the box, which should help to increase its exposure. But even so, this is a strange strategy — because until you can just sign up for Deezer without buying a generic speaker, there's little chance this thing is taking off.


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