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    Soylent 1.1 hopes to make you fart less

    Soylent 1.1 hopes to make you fart less

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    Foodstuffs have version numbers now. That's the world we live in.

    Or at least one consumable has a version number: Soylent, which has just been revved to 1.1. The latest formulation of the crowdfunding-born meal replacement promises less sweetness — they've taken out some of the sucralose, so users can more easily "customize" the flavor to their liking. Perhaps more importantly, it adds an "enzyme blend" that promises to reduce "digestive issues" experienced by some users of the original (myself included).

    The company behind Soylent still hasn't caught up to demand; many buyers still have orders that have been outstanding for months, but it would appear that some of that delay is chalked up to work on the new formulation. There's also a new, smaller shipping box (the old one was enormous), redesigned oil bottles to reduce leakage, and a new package for daily servings that's designed to reduce the amount of loose powder that flies everywhere.

    Regardless, you're still drinking a beige nutrition paste.