The Dyson humidifier cleans your air with ultraviolet light

Latest Air Multiplier is designed to battle dry winters


Dyson doesn't enter new product categories all that often, but today we're seeing the second in less than two months. Following the September introduction of the 360 Eye robot vacuum, Dyson is now unveiling its first humidifier, simply called the Dyson humidifier. It'll look a lot more familiar than the 360 Eye, however; it's an evolution of the iconic Air Multiplier line of bladeless fans. Dyson says the emphasis is on hygiene and even distribution of air, with its humidifier cleaning water before blasting it into the room as mist.

“Humidifiers are sometimes seen as a way to combat allergies and the symptoms of colds and the flu — but in reality many can do quite the opposite," says James Dyson. "The majority are a breeding ground for nasty germs, which are then distributed around your home." Dyson's humidifier uses ultraviolet light to treat the water — the company claims it'll kill 99.99 percent of bacteria before starting to moisten the air.

dyson humidifier

The Dyson humidifier is made from polycarbonate, lasts up to 18 hours on a three-liter tank of water, and has a remote control to set the sleep timer and switch between ten levels of airflow. The company says it poured over $60.4 million into the humidifier's development, producing 643 prototypes along the way. And yes, it'll work as a regular fan in the summer, too.

There's bad news if you were hoping to use the Dyson humidifier to beat the dry air this coming winter, though — it's launching in Japan first, and won't make it to the US until fall 2015. Dyson isn't saying anything about how much it'll cost yet, either, though given the company's typical pricing strategy it's safe to say it'll be on the high end.

dyson humidifier

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