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Skype's new drawing feature debuts first on Windows Phone

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Microsoft is updating its Skype for Windows Phone app today and it’s introducing an entirely new feature: drawing. The addition allows Windows Phone owners to draw on a canvas, add ink to photos, or annotate maps and send the results to contacts over Skype. While other rival messaging clients have already supported drawing, it’s unusual to see Microsoft add this support to just the Windows Phone client. Microsoft makes no mention of future drawing support for its Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows clients, but it’s safe to assume this feature will make it across all platforms soon.

Other improvements in the Skype for Windows Phone update include new HD screen support, faster app resume time, and the ability to automatically sign in using the Microsoft Account linked to a device. Microsoft has been criticized over the performance of Skype for Windows Phone and a lack of features that debut on iOS and Android before its own operating system. Video messages debuted on Mac, iPhone, and Android in February last year, but the feature didn’t make its way to Windows Phone until September. Today’s update should address some concerns, and the addition of drawing will be a welcome change for Windows Phone owners who are used to seeing Microsoft new focus of delivering apps and updates to iOS and Android ahead of its own platform.