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FKA twigs made using Google Glass look like stepping into the Matrix

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Up-and-coming singer FKA twigs is using Google Glass to inspired, if somewhat unsettling, effect. For her latest conceptual video #ThroughGlass, twigs dons the headset and suddenly bursts into dance, seemingly inspired by the video streaming directly into her eyes. And then things get trippy. After showing off her own well-renowned skills, we see her toggle through other dance styles, which summons twigs doppelgängers who all perform and mug for the camera while twigs herself is left overwhelmed. The choreography here is set to a remixed and completely appropriate track off her debut release LP1, "Video Girl," with elements from the unreleased track "Glass & Patron." All in all, the video is really a look into a technologically-enhanced yet fractured mind, and it works as an interesting commentary on tech and identity. It's safe to say no one is using Glass to make this kind of art right now.