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Watch this psychedelic TEDx talk from the guy Google believes is the future of computing

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Is this the future of virtual and augmented reality?

News broke this morning that Google, alongside a number of venture capital firms, led a $542 million investment in a mysterious startup named Magic Leap. The company is promising to "build a rocket ship for the mind" that will completely reinvent the way we experience the world. Founder Rony Abovitz calls his technology "cinematic reality" and says it goes way beyond what virtual or augmented reality have so far been able to accomplish.

There are very few details about the technology or examples of it in action. There is, however, this completely surreal video of a TED Talk that Abovitz gave in Sarasota, Florida on December 12, 2012. Neon ape-men, giant candy bar totems, and a soundtrack from 2001 A Space Odyssey. It's a thrilling glimpse inside the madcap mind of the man Google believes is building the future of computing.