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Sean Parker is building a beach-finding app as penalty for his obnoxious wedding

Sean Parker is building a beach-finding app as penalty for his obnoxious wedding

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Former Facebook president Sean Parker has agreed to build an app for California's Coastal Commission as part of his $2.5 million settlement for throwing a highly elaborate and highly unauthorized wedding in a protected redwood forest last year, according to SFGate. Parker is reportedly working on a mapping app that'll help people find public beaches, which can sometimes be tricky due to wealthy residents attempting to hide entrances or claim areas as private property.

"It was a creative resolution."

"We’re now working with his technical team, which is orders of magnitude beyond what we would be able to summon in terms of technical expertise within our agency," the commission tells SFGate. "It was a creative resolution ... that will ultimately benefit public access." A commission document makes it appear that the app will be available for iOS only and is required to be ready by June 2015. Instead of the app, Parker also had the option of creating an educational video.

Parker's wedding happened during June of 2013 and is said to have cost him close to $10 million — and that's before the fines. That big sum of money went toward bringing in additional foliage and building fake ruins, waterfalls, and other new structures at a private campgrounds, but the commission said that he never received the appropriate permits for any of it.

"Two people do not go to enormous lengths to get married in a redwood grove only to run roughshod over it," Parker wrote in an email last year to "They do so out of respect, because they love the redwood forest, feel a connection to the forest, and want to share that with their friends and family." The wedding was widely criticized for its lavishness and disregard of the forest.