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World Series ballparks are the first pro sports venues to support Apple Pay

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Headed to the World Series? You'll be able to buy a hot dog and beer at the concession stands using an iPhone 6 — or Google Wallet, for that matter. MasterCard and MLB Advanced Media have announced that contactless payments are now supported at Kauffman Stadium and AT&T Park. They're the first professional sports venues to roll out support for Apple Pay, which became widely available to consumers with yesterday's launch of iOS 8.1.

NFC payments have of course been around for years now, but it seems the debut of Apple Pay may be spurring businesses (and ballparks) to install the necessary hardware — and that's good for everyone, regardless of which smartphone you own. Come next season, MasterCard says fans will be able to buy tickets for individual games with Apple Pay when ordering through MLB is promising Apple Pay support for its own At the Ballpark app, too.

So theoretically you'll be able to purchase tickets to a game and pay for food once you've arrived without needing to dig through a wallet for your credit card. Not bad! Just look how incredibly happy Hall of Famer George Brett is to be using Apple Pay. Don't you want to be just like him, Royals fans? But keep an eye on your transaction history in Passbook; those beers are only getting more expensive.