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We remixed John Oliver's all-dog Supreme Court footage with actual audio from the Aereo case

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"Those dry constitutional arguments are now must-see television"

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver challenged news outlets to footage it made of an all-dog Supreme Court to make to the oral arguments "more compelling to watch."

Challenge accepted.

The following is actual audio recordings of the oral arguments from case 13-461, American Broadcasting Co. v. Aereo, Inc. — you can find the original audio file and full transcript here on the official Supreme Court website (caution: audio autoplays). Earlier this year, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that Aereo — which streams over-the-air, public channels over the internet — violated copyright law. In oral arguments, Aereo's lawyers argued with the court over whether the company is more like a parking garage or a valet. Seriously, watch for yourself.

Even now, it's important to know how the Supreme Court handles technologically-focused cases (spoiler: it's not great). Even better, you can learn how while watching dogs be adorable. Well, nine dog justices, two dog lawyers, a duck assistant, and a pecking chicken as stenographer.

And now this, for further reading: