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Man turns iPad into tactile interface for whatever he wants

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Florian Born's Modulares Interface B.A turns the iPad touchscreen into a modular mosaic of physical buttons, sliders, and knobs. The core idea behind the project is to find a solution for the lack of haptic feedback in multi-touch devices, such as Apple's famous tablets.

Made from conductive aluminium, the controllers can transfer the electrical discharge of the human skin, and can also be easily moved to suit the user's needs. The iPad itself is inserted into a frame made out of aluminium and plastic, which contains embedded magnets to help position the controllers with more precision. Everything is held together by a piece of software, which transmits input from the tactile interface to the chosen programs. The Modulares Interface B.A is a charming idea, despite the obvious impracticalities. While it's unlikely we'll see a commercial version of the project any time soon, Born's video remains a fascinating watch.