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Cassette deck hacked to play and control Spotify music

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The $35 Raspberry Pi is the low-end computing system that launched a thousand projects, including a beet-powered Beetbox and this Spotify-compatible cassette player. CNET writes that Matt Brailsford's nostalgic masterpiece was inspired by the iRecorder, which is an iPhone speaker shaped like the old-fashioned tape machine.

In an interview with CNET, Brailsford explains that the Raspberry Pi used in his device runs a version of MusicBox, and a custom module for identifying input and reading NFC tags. What's most charming about his creation is that you can actually load a cassette into the player. Once you've done so, the in-built software will scan for an NFC tag located in the cassette and then look for a matching playlist, before letting loose with the music. Brailsford took roughly two to three weeks to put together this twee little contraption, but has sadly said nothing about turning this into a commercial idea.