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Netflix series 'Bloodline' starring Kyle Chandler will premiere in March

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Netflix has announced that its original series Bloodline will premiere in March. And as you'd expect, all episodes from season one — there are 13 of them — will be available for streaming immediately. Bloodline stars Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights fame along with Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises), Linda Cardellini (Mad Men, Freaks and Geeks), Sam Shepard (The Right Stuff), and Sissy Spacek, among others. Created and executive produced by Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman, and Glenn Kessler — the trio behind FX's DamagesBloodline "centers on a close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep brother returns home."

It doesn't reveal much, but you can catch a teaser trailer for the show above. Bloodline is the result of a partnership between Netflix and Sony Pictures Television; it's the first deal the streaming service has struck with a major Hollywood studio. Netflix says Bloodline will launch simultaneously in all regions in March. As for its other originals, Lillyhammer is set to return for a third season on November 21st.