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Classic Macs turned into modern furniture

Klaus Geiger makes Apple computers with a different kind of storage

The Apple Power Mac G5 was a classic computer of the early millennium, but for all of its strengths — besides its gorgeous design, it was the fastest Mac in Apple's lineup when it was released in 2003 — it didn't last: the G5 family was retired in 2006 for the Mac Pro. The rest is recent history.

But what to do with the old models? Designer Klaus Geiger had the idea of turning them into furniture, which resulted in the concepts you see here, part of the cleverly titled "benchma[r|c" project. Somehow, the pieces are all cohesive: Apple's commitment to flat, clean design translates well into a modernist style. If you passed one of these benches in a park, you might not blink.

All images courtesy Klaus Geiger


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