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Final nail in Aereo's coffin: broadcasters win nationwide preliminary injunction

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Judge says Aereo is trying to "turn lemons into lemonade"

In what may amount to the final nail in Aereo's coffin, a New York federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction against the now-defunct service on Thursday, officially barring the company from streaming live television. After its devastating loss at the Supreme Court, Aereo has tried to argue that the high court's ruling should allow it to operate like any other cable provider and pay networks for programming licenses. But it hasn't found much support in court rooms, and US District Judge Alison Nathan basically squashed the idea in today's ruling.

"Doing its best to turn lemons into lemonade, Aereo now seeks to capitalize on the Supreme Court's comparison of it to a CATV system to argue that it is in fact a cable system that should be entitled to a compulsory license." Nathan said that logic "suffers from the fallacy that simply because an entity performs copyrighted works in a way similar to cable systems it must then be deemed a cable system for all other purposes of the Copyright Act." She's granted the broadcasters just what they wanted: a nationwide preliminary injunction against Aereo. The motion doesn't rule one way or another on whether the injunction should impact delayed or pre-recorded content — only live programing falls under Nathan's filing. Even so, Aereo's chances of surviving are now bleaker than ever. "We are reviewing the decision and evaluating our options moving forward," a spokesperson told Reuters.