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Queen Elizabeth II sends her first tweet, or does she?

Queen Elizabeth II sends her first tweet, or does she?


A royal tweet

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On a trip to London’s science museum today, Queen Elizabeth II sent her first official tweet. The occasion was witnessed by 600 guests celebrating the history of communications technology, and the many millions of Twitter users. While the British Monarchy has been active on Twitter for some time now, the Queen has not participated in sharing her thoughts directly on the social network. Earlier this year the Queen went viral on Twitter thanks to her photobomb selfie during the Commonwealth Games. Prince Harry also sent his first tweet earlier year, shortly followed by his own photobomb during the Commonwealth Games, a trait that clearly runs in the family.

While the Queen can be seen in photos clearly typing on an iPad, the actual tweet was sent with an iPhone, raising questions whether Queen Elizabeth II really sent it herself. The British Monarchy claims the tweet was "sent personally by the Queen." It's possible the Queen may have typed it offstage on an iPhone, allowing an aide to send it on her behalf to avoid any connection issues or mishaps. We reached out to the British Monarchy, but a spokesperson refused to discuss how the tweet was sent, insisting it was sent by the Queen and that any iPhone involvement was simply "processology."

Update October 24th 7:55AM: article updated to include details of the Queen's iPad usage.