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Run the Jewels 2 can cause spontaneous combustion (according to Twitter)

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At 1:28AM ET Thursday night (technically Friday morning), El-P and Killer Mike released Run the Jewels 2, the followup to their critically-acclaimed 2013 album, as a free download — a tweet and a zip file. And while we're loving the album a lot so far, our favorite part so far has been fan reactions on Twitter. Turns out listening to the album — or maybe even just downloading it — can cause spontaneous combustion of excitement*.

*Unnecessary disclaimer: we know this isn't how science works. This isn't a trope entirely new or unique to RTJ, nor are we condoning the destruction of any property, but we enjoy it all the same.

And so without further ado, in order of magnitude:

Bonus, because it speaks perfectly to our love of Marvel, Drake, and explosions: