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Ikea hopes its new motorized standing desk will get you out of your chair

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Study after study reveals the same thing: it simply isn't healthy to sit for extended periods of time every day. But making the switch and buying a standing desk is a big commitment. That's where Ikea comes in: the company has brought its stylish looks, reasonable prices, and goofy Swedish names to its very own adjustable standing desk. The "Bekant" isn't terribly special, but it's a relatively affordable line of electrically-adjustable standing desks. That means you can go from sitting to standing with the press of a button. Maybe that convenience will be enough to get you out of that chair. There are a few models available, starting at $489.99.

Correction: The Bekant replaces the Galant in Ikea's lineup, and is not the company's first electrically-adjustable standing desk.