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Norwegian artist transforms 3D renders into meditative works of art

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The artistic process can take you to surprising places. Norwegian new media artist Espen Kluge starts his artistic journey by crafting 3D-rendered models on his computer. Those hyper-realistic models are far from complete, however. Kluge explains to The Verge that he goes through an extensive processing phase before discovering what, exactly, he wishes to draw out in the final image.

"It's a very playful process really, one through which I learn a lot technically and artistically," says Kluge, adding that "I never set a goal in terms of symbolism or specific meaning." Instead, he says, "I find myself moving towards a certain aesthetic, or wildly chasing some abstract [or] undefined theme." The variety of finished products speak for themselves. Some take on sharp, angular forms, while others appear to be artfully composed from a smudge of pastels.

You can find more of Kluge's work on his website and Tumblr. Prints are for sale on Artfinder.