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We're liveblogging Kim Kardashian's appearance at the Code Mobile conference today at 6:30PM ET

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For reasons we can't quite fully explain, Kim Kardashian is appearing at Recode's Code Mobile event tonight in Half Moon Bay, California. Our own Josh Lowensohn will be lucky enough to be there and will be liveblogging #KimK straight to you, dear reader. We can only assume her appearance at this event is due to her world-beating, nightmare hellride of a mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Having perfected the art of nickel-and-diming addicted players to add to her already-staggering fortune, we're hoping she has some hints for the rest of us on how to get as rich as she is. The session Kim is taking part in starts at 6:30PM ET, but she's the last speaker on the lineup, so we're expecting her to hit the stage closer to 7:30PM ET. Maybe she'll finally tell us why she cursed Eric Schmidt's mansion.