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Tim Cook says that Apple Pay is already the leader in contactless payments

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It's only been a week since Apple Pay made its debut, but apparently the launch has been successful thus far. Speaking at the WSJD Live event, hosted by The Wall Street Journal, Cook said that Apple is already the leader in "contactless" payments, "more than the total of all the other guys." Within 72 hours, Apple apparently activated one million cards, and we presume it's only gone up significantly since then. Customer response, has been positive, as well. "I'm getting flooded with emails from customers," Cook said. "It's sort of that 'ahh' moment — you use the phone and it's all you have to do." Unsurprisingly, Cook is already using Apple Pay himself — he said he used it at Whole Foods, but didn't say what potentially overpriced delicacies he purchased.

As for CVS and some other retailers saying they won't support Apple Pay, Cook sounds like he thinks they'll come around. "In the long arc of time you're only relevant as a merchant if your customers love you," Cook said, implying that if Apple Pay really takes off, retailers will find their way towards supporting it. Speaking directly about the CVS spat, Cook called it "a skirmish."

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