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'Captain Marvel' will be Marvel Studios' first female superhero movie

'Captain Marvel' will be Marvel Studios' first female superhero movie

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Marvel is finally giving one of its female superheroes a movie of her own. Captain Marvel will be the first of Marvel's female heroes to star in her own film, which is being announced today with a release date scheduled for July 6th, 2018. Though it's been a long time coming, it may have been an obvious choice after watching fellow Avenger Scarlett Johansson absolutely destroy the box office in Lucy this summer — in fact, it's surprising that her Black Widow character isn't getting a film herself. Nonetheless, one would imagine that improving upon that formula inside the Marvel universe will be a sure hit.

Danvers recently assumed the Captain Marvel role in the comics

Captain Marvel has appeared in many incarnations throughout Marvel's comic series, but it's using the hero's most recent incarnation, Carol Danvers, for this film. Danvers was originally Ms. Marvel, but that mantle has since been handed over to Kamala Khan. Danvers powers include flight, super strength, and the ability to shoot energy bursts from her hands.

Marvel has been making a big effort this year to diversify its superhero lineup. In comic series, it had a woman take on the role of Thor this month, and it's about to pass the role of Captain America on to his longtime ally Sam Wilson, a black man. That expansion of diversity hasn't quite extended into Marvel's Cinematic Universe, though, as it's still largely populated with white, male heroes. That's really starting to change today, however, with the announcement of Captain Marvel and a Black Panther movie. Still, even DC Comics is going to beat Marvel to theaters with a female superhero movie, planning Wonder Woman for 2017 — perhaps an embarrassing fact for Marvel, given that its films have been running for years already.

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