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Google challenges Apple's HealthKit with release of Google Fit for Android

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Google's answer to Apple's HealthKit has arrived. Today the company launched its Google Fit app for Android. Much like Apple's solution, Fit offers a central place to monitor your health goals and workout stats. When used as a standalone health tracker, the app will monitor your walking, running and cycling, Google says. Goals based on duration or total steps can be established, with Fit keeping you aware of your progress throughout each day. But third-party fitness trackers and apps can also tap into Google's platform and input your health data. What remains to be seen is whether Android's HealthKit rival can avoid the rocky start that Apple endured with the rollout of iOS 8. Right off the bat, Google Fit is compatible with every Android Wear device on the market. And you can also access your health profile via the web and on tablets — a decent feature if you plan on carrying a Nexus 9 to the gym to pass the time while you're on the treadmill. Google Fit is a free download in the Play Store and is rolling out right now.