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Third 'Captain America' film gets a name: 'Civil War'

Third 'Captain America' film gets a name: 'Civil War'

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Marvel is today unveiling the subtitle for its third Captain America movie: Civil War. The subtitle speaks directly to the Civil War plot line that Marvel is introducing in this movie, which is supposed to kick off the conflict that'll propel its next round of superhero films. Civil War film will pit Captain America against Iron Man, though Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated at an event this afternoon that the movie's plot will differ from the original comic series.

Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will also be directing Civil War. The film is scheduled for a release on May 6th, 2016.

Marvel had a little bit of fun announcing the new Captain America title at an event this afternoon, originally claiming that it was going to be called Serpent Society — a mysterious name that people seemed intrigued, if not generally confused by. Several minutes later into the event, Marvel revealed that the true name of the movie was Civil War. Marvel is also announcing a huge number of other movies today, including Captain Marvel, a third Thor, two more Avengers films, Inhumans, and Black Panther.