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Taylor Swift's new '1989' album is just $0.99 with Microsoft's Music Deals app

Taylor Swift's new '1989' album is just $0.99 with Microsoft's Music Deals app


A surprise deal from Redmond

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Microsoft’s new Music Deals app only launched last week, but it’s already making waves thanks to a massive deal on Taylor Swift’s new 1989 album today. For just $0.99 you can own Taylor Swift’s latest album that only debuted yesterday. The same album is priced at $12.99 on the US iTunes Store, highlighting the 90 percent off sale here. Microsoft isn’t making noise about the promotion just yet though, quietly promoting the $0.99 deal on its Windows Twitter account this afternoon. It appears that the deals are limited to the US.

All part of a new weekly Music Deals app

Although Taylor Swift’s latest album is the most high profile deal right now, Microsoft is planning to offer 101 albums for $1.99 or less each Tuesday with its new Music Deals app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Top albums from Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and 2Pac are available this week as part of a Hip Hop promotion. Microsoft is also offering up 50 metal albums for $1.99 or less this week. It's not clear if Microsoft has a special arrangement in place with Taylor Swift, but given 1989 isn't yet available on streaming services like Spotify it's likely that Microsoft is paying a huge amount of money for this particular promotion.

All albums are available in MP3 format from the Xbox Music store, the same service that is closing its free streaming service in December. While Xbox Music will continue as a paid streaming service, Microsoft’s new approach to its music offerings is clearly one that offers albums at cut prices to entice consumers into Xbox Music, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. If you’re interested in Taylor Swift’s 1989 or the many hip hop and metal albums available this week you have 6 days left to buy them all before next Tuesday when Microsoft refreshes the app with new deals.