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Windows 10 touch features available to test in next few months

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Arriving by end of year or early 2015

Microsoft first unveiled its new Windows 10 touch features, dubbed Continuum, at its Windows event late last month, and it appears the company is edging closer to making them available for testing. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, head of PCs, tablets, and phones, demonstrated the Continuum feature last month, describing it as a way to switch between touch and non-touch interfaces and environments. The new feature was built specifically for devices like the Surface Pro 3 or Lenovo’s Yoga tablets, which allow owners to switch between touch and non-touch interfaces and modes.

At TechEd Europe this week, Belfiore demonstrated some new Windows 10 trackpad gestures coming to the Technical Preview soon, and ZDNet reports that he revealed Microsoft will be opening up Continuum to testing by the end of 2014 or early 2015. That’s sooner than most had expected given Microsoft’s concept demo last month, and the new Windows 10 touch features should be available through the Technical Preview program. Microsoft is also expected to reveal a lot more consumer features of Windows 10 early next year, alongside the unveiling of the combined version of Windows Phone and Windows RT for ARM-based tablets and smartphones.