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Redditmade is Reddit's new crowdfunding site

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The self-proclaimed "front page of the internet" is expanding into crowdfunding and community-driven creation with Redditmade. According to its announcement post, the new site was created in part to provide a way for subreddits to develop official merchandise, although anyone with a Reddit account can begin a campaign of their own.

Confidentiality also looks to be a big part of Redditmade

Much like Kickstarter, Redditmade sets time limits on campaigns, requiring campaigns to hit a self-prescribed goal before the end date. Those who choose to back a project will not be charged if it does not achieve its goal. If successful, the site will help campaigns with tasks like procuring the right sourcing partners, campaign promotion, or even overseeing production and distribution. Confidentiality also looks to be a big part of Redditmade. Users will not be required to reveal their personal information save to payment and shipping providers.

It should be noted that Redditmade will only be able to dole out payments to US bank accounts for the time being. The site is currently in open beta, with no word as to when it will be launched in full.