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iPhone and Android fans are raiding reviews of the CurrentC payments app

iPhone and Android fans are raiding reviews of the CurrentC payments app


Thousands of one-star reviews have hit CurrentC in the App Store and on Google Play

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Many retailers have been less than responsive to the Apple Pay mobile payments system. Rather than accept fees that banks charge for making the transactions, Walmart, Best Buy, and others disabled NFC in their stores, preventing customers from using Apple's system (along with other forms of payment). The retailers' solution is a payment system called "CurrentC," and it's an idea that some NFC users aren't so excited about.

CurrentC, a QR code-based app planning to launch next year (meaning reviewers haven't actually used it in stores yet), appears to be the target of a semi-organized campaign for one-star reviews. As of writing, the reviews breakdown on the App Store looked like this: 17 five-star ratings, zero four-star ratings, three three-star ratings, four two-star ratings, and 2,153 one-star ratings.

The one-star ratings are about what you'd expect: mostly pleas for it to die, paving the way toward Apple Pay. Others voice concerns about the security of the system, which will likely only intensify after an apparent security breach.

A garbage app. Bent on getting information out of users, and nowhere near as convenient as Apple Pay.

This app makes the customer experience much worse than Apple Pay.

Scan a QR code and get direct access to my bank account? Not a chance in hell! If I was a thief, I would totally love this system.

A handful of those five-star reviews aren't exactly glowing.

By using this app, I was able to buy all kinds of stuff without having to pay for anything. No more pesky credit card bills like apple pay requires, or handling dirty messy cash. Free as in beer! (All I have to do is give them all my personal information.)

CurrentC is the best payment processing app that is currently available! I would highly recommend that you download this app and use it on your iPhone immediately! Not only is CurrentC safe and effective and secure, but you also get up to 10% off EVERY PURCHASE. *a not to CurrentC- please send me $50 for this review or I will kill one star every day until said funds have arrived.

Perfect ... the ideal implementation of a bad idea!

The situation isn't so great on Google Play, either. Users have given the app 2,302 one-star reviews. Reviews titles include: "All about the NOPE," "Junk," and "CRAPTASTIC."

Update, 12:15PM EST: Includes information about a CurrentC security breach.