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Banksy's New York graffiti tour is getting its own HBO documentary this Friday

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'Banksy Does New York' will land on HBO Go on October 31st and premiere on the channel on November 17th

It was just over a year ago that infamous UK street artist Banksy began a self-described "residency" in New York City, creating a series of whimsical and increasingly bizarre public artworks throughout the five boroughs. Now that epic stunt, which went on for a month, is getting its own HBO documentary. Banksy Does New York will premiere on HBO on November 17th, but will be available on HBO Go early, beginning this Friday, October 31st (Halloween). The documentary is made up entirely of clips of user-generated footage of Banksy's artworks assembled by director Chris Moukarbel, a New York native. The fact that a documentary on public art featuring publicly-posted footage is only going to be available to subscribers of a paid cable network is an irony that Banksy himself would no doubt find amusing. Check out the first trailer above.