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Flic is like Tinder for your camera roll, and it's awesome

Flic is like Tinder for your camera roll, and it's awesome


A quick and easy way to clean up your photos

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When iOS 8 came out requiring 5+ gigabytes of available storage to upgrade over the air, many of us feed up space the easiest way we know how: deleting lots of photos on our camera rolls. The thing is, deleting photos from your camera roll has never been particularly easy: the bulk-delete feature is hidden in the somewhat confusing Moments section of the app, and requires you to make your choices based on tiny thumbnails.

Flic, a new app from Lifehack Labs, offers the best solution to bloated camera rolls that we've seen to date. It's based on popular dating app Tinder: The interface consists of a single screen showing a giant thumbnail of your photo. If you want to keep it, swipe right; to delete, swipe left. Your photos are stored in a trash can until you decide to get rid of them for good; you can undo if you change your mind. As you go, a counter shows you how much storage you're about to reclaim on your phone. When you're ready, tap the trash can and confirm the purge. And that's it.


Flic will encourage you to go through your photos with a monthly push notification suggesting that you power through your roll and get rid of any unwanted photos. The rest of the time, it leaves you alone. It's a simple utility, and it's available today at a launch price of $0.99. (The developer says it will eventually go up to $1.99). I've been using Flic for a couple weeks, and I've found it to be an invaluable way to quickly clear out dumb screenshots, duplicate photos, and incriminating selfies. If you've ever looked at your camera roll in despair, Flic is well worth checking out.