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Is this Tesla's next electric car?

Is this Tesla's next electric car?


Photo appears to show Elon Musk's new 'D' a week before reveal

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Earlier this week, Tesla's Elon Musk teased his company's next electric car, tweeting that he would "unveil the D and something else" on October 9th. But you might not need to wait that long to see Tesla's next vehicle — a picture that apparently showed the new car appeared last night on the Tesla Motors Club forum.The photo shows a previously unseen black "Model S P85D." Tesla already sells Model S P85 vehicles, suggesting that the new addition to the range would be a step up in terms of performance.


There's no confirmation that the photo is real, but its EXIF data shows it was snapped on an iPhone 5S, and you can see the photographer clearly if you zoom in on the car's reflective chrome nameplate — a tricky Photoshop job to pull off. There's also no details of the car's specifications, its differences to the existing Tesla models available, or the price it'll be available for. Expect those to be gaps to be filled in by Musk when he shows off his D — and more — next week.