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Apple's iPad event reportedly slated for October 16th

Apple's iPad event reportedly slated for October 16th


With OS X Yosemite and Retina display iMacs too

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It's October, which means it's time for new iPads. And Apple's planning to hold an event for just that on October 16th, says Recode, which has a very good track record with these dates. That's just a few days earlier than when Apple held an event last year where it debuted the iPad Air, the iPad Mini with Retina display, and launched its revamped Mac Pro. Expected at this one is an updated version of the iPad Air, a final version of OS X Yosemite, which Apple is in the middle of finishing up, and quite possibly iMacs with Retina displays — something Apple's had trouble keeping a secret.

Just in time for the holidays

A separate report last month suggested Apple planned to hold an event on October 21st, something a source told us was not accurate. Before 2012, new iPads were typically released in the spring. Apple's change to the fall meant that the tablet was ready just in time for the busy holiday shopping season, and just after a major new release of iOS with whatever new iPhone had come out.

Apple's last event was in early September where the company debuted the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with a sneak peek of the Apple Watch. That was held at the Flint Center just a few minutes away from its headquarters in Cupertino, where Recode says Apple plans to hold this "more laid-back affair" on the 16th. Apple rented out a much larger venue in San Jose two years ago when first unveiling the first iPad mini and revamped iMac, though kept it low key with an event in downtown San Francisco last year.