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Homestar Runner returns with an insane rap tribute to fisheye lenses

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Homestar Runner fans, your day has come: just as co-creator Matt Chapman promised back in July, his seminal internet cartoon has returned with a surprisingly hilarious new episode. The cartoon hasn't gone back to the Strong Bad emails well just yet — instead, we're treated to a classic Coach Z / Strong Bad "number one jam," complete with a music video directed and produced by The Cheat. The subject matter is as random and bizarre as ever: the song is a tribute to the fisheye lens, something that's essential to any hip-hop video — it even almost manages to make Coach Z look cool. Of course (spoiler alert), Homestar shows up at the end and ruins everything.

For those that fear change, there's nothing to worry about here — the cartoon is still a Flash animation in the same tiny window that you remember. It's too soon to know whether or not the "Brothers Chap" are returning to regular updates or if this will exist as a one-off cartoon, as this year's April Fool's cartoon appeared to be. Still, given Chapman's comments earlier this year, we're hoping that the site's next update comes sooner rather than later — after all, Halloween is right around the corner.