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Google reportedly developing displays that can combine to create one huge TV

Google reportedly developing displays that can combine to create one huge TV

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Google is developing a new display that can connect with other displays to create one giant screen, according to The Wall Street Journal. The project is the latest that's been reported out of the company's experimental Google X lab, which is responsible for work such as its self-driving car. This obviously sounds far less ambitious, but it still isn't entirely clear what this new tech would be like or how it would work.

Supposedly forming one seamless image

The Journal suggests that these displays will be used to make gigantic TV screens by plugging together smaller ones as though they were Legos. It even says that the image will be seamless — which would mean that Google is making them without any sort of surrounding bezel. The displays can also reportedly be formed into different shapes. Google is also toying with modular technology in its Project Ara smartphones, and one can imagine how this tech could also be applied there.

Mary Lou Jepsen, the co-founder of One Laptop Per Child, is behind this new project, according to the Journal. Google's current challenge, apparently, is in stitching together a single image across the separate screens so that they all work properly in conjunction. That makes it sound like these displays aren't about to leave the lab just yet. And, given that Google X is behind it, perhaps there's still a bigger vision here that we're yet to discover.