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LG obliterates the bezel with new smartphone LCD display

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Everyone who has seen Sharp's Aquos Crystal smartphone has been impressed by it. Thanks to incredibly thin bezels on three sides of its display, that Japanese phone looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie rather than a real device. But LG already has something even better in the works with a new Full HD smartphone display that takes the bezels down to an unprecedented 0.7mm. That's only for the left and right edges of the screen, though looking at the images provided from LG Display shows a sufficiently futuristic panel that should make for some fine competitors to Sharp's smartphone.

LG Display has achieved the new breakthrough by using a new Neo Edge process wherein the screen's circuit board, touch panel, and backlight are all sealed into one integrated unit. That's said to also help in blocking light leakage and making the display both waterproof and dust-proof. Mass production of the 5.3-inch display is starting next month and the first customers to get ahold of it will be in China, "where demand for large screen smartphones is strong," according to LG.