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'Game of Thrones' stars sign for seventh season

'Game of Thrones' stars sign for seventh season


Stars get big raises, HBO gets more episodes

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It looks like HBO wants a seventh season of Game of Thrones. The series has already been ordered through its sixth season, and now The Hollywood Reporter says that HBO has reworked its stars' contracts to make sure that they'll all be onboard should it order a seventh. And at this point, it seems highly unlikely that it wouldn't — the show has been an enormous hit, and a seventh season would make the series run at least as long as the books are supposed to.

Game of Thrones' stars were only signed for six seasons, which made extending their contracts a must to keep the show going, according to the Reporter. Extending their contracts reportedly meant giving the biggest stars some big raises, but with the show's unrivaled success, it's hard to imagine that HBO really minds. The Reporter says that HBO has confirmed the renegotiation and the option for a seventh season, though the network did not comment on the pay situation. Assuming that Game of Thrones popularity stays anywhere close to what it is today, it seems like we'll be seeing season seven in 2017. The show's fifth season premieres next year.